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Preservative Challenge Test

(also called a Preservative Efficacy Test, Challenge Test or PET)

By adding micro-organisms to your product and monitoring their reduction in numbers we can determine the effectiveness of your preservative system.

There are two standard methods that are commonly applied to cosmetic products, both satisfy the requirements of the cosmetic regulations.

i) ISO 11930:2012 Efficacy Test and Evaluation of the Preservation of a Cosmetic Product.

This test is aimed specifically at cosmetics / toiletries .  Generally this method would be the most appropriate for new cosmetic products.

ii) The test of the European Pharmacopoeia.

This has been used as an industry standard test for many years, largely because no other more suitable method existed at the time.  It is still suitable for cosmetic products.

For further information, help in choosing which test is right for you and other technical details please see our Technical Information.