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We have established comprehensive training courses to give your staff the additional microbiological skills they need.

All courses include comprehensive course notes and valuable text for future reference.

Basic Microbiology

Aimed at: Operators, supervisors, QA/QC technicians who have no formal knowledge of industrial microbiology.

Duration: Typically one day or two half days

This hands-on and comprehensive course covers the major areas of microbiology such as

  • Sources / growth requirements of different micro-organisms and their potential impact on products
  • Cleaning / disinfection / sanitising / sterilisation and the best hygiene practices
  • Basic microbiological techniques including environmental monitoring
  • Microbiological terms and much more

Intermediate Microbiology

Aimed at: Microbiology technicians, supervisors, managers who have either attended the Basic Microbiology sessions or have some working microbiological knowledge.

Duration: Typically one to one and a half days

This course aims to give a wider knowledge of microbiology and its implications for production facilities.  A goal is to give the delegates sufficient theory so that they are able to troubleshoot and resolve microbiological contamination problems themselves.

This course will cover topics such as establishing environmental monitoring regimes, microbial identification and aseptic technique although the exact content will be tailored to the industries of those attending.

Advanced Microbiology

These are sessions for those who have specific requirements such as:

  • establishing an in-house microbiology laboratory
  • seeking accreditation for a laboratory
  • troubleshooting specific problems
  • risk assessments

Bespoke Courses

We are able to offer a completely bespoke training service that could be perfomed either at our fully equipped laboratories or your site.  Previous clients have used this type of course to great effect in training at a lower level of technical detail but to a large number of staff.

Please call us, we would be very happy to discuss your specific training requirements.