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Additional Services


Microbiological contamination problems can be extremely difficult to resolve.  At MCS we have a lot of experience of tackling these issues and can offer you advice on the best approaches to take.  If required we can carry out a full microbiological investigation for you.

Bespoke Testing

Certain products, such as those with anti-microbial activity, require specific additional tests.  Just some of the bespoke testing we offer includes

  • Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) tests
  • Comparisons of activity with market leaders / competitor products
  • Antibacterial assessments (BS EN 1040, BS EN 1276 etc.)

At MCS you will find advice and expertise that can adapt testing to your exact needs.  You will also get independently verified product performance data, allowing you to develop more marketable, cost effective products.

Give us a ring to discuss your requirements.