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TVC Testing – Technical Information

Test: Total Viable Aerobic Count

Also known as: TVC, microbial count, bacterial count, fungal count, microbial limits test


This is a quality control test that will tell you how many micro-organisms are in your product.  Typically this would be carried out on each batch as it is made.

MCS Test Reference:  TMMCS1

Quantity of product required: 5 g (minimum)

Total Test Time:  4 days

Sending samples:

Send samples to the address at the bottom of this page accompanied by a Test Request Form.  Where possible all samples are tested on the day that they are received.

Samples are usually tested in their finished packaging but could also be tested as a ‘bulk’ product sent in a clean sample container.


Written reports are issued on completion of the test.  These results will give you a number of organisms (bacteria / yeast / mould) per g (or ml) of your product.  Basic identifications of recovered organisms will be given.

Full identifications can be carried out if required.