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Household Products

Household products are becoming increasingly scrutinised by regulatory bodies and retailers alike.
To help satisfy their requirements MCS can perform tests for you such as;

Total Viable Count – to determine how many organisms are present in your product. You get a Certificate of Analysis for your product and the ability to identify problems early before they may become serious.

Preservative Efficacy Test – to show your product will not spoil once on the shelves. Sensitive products such as wet wipes and cleaning liquids need a robust preservative system. This test will allow you to select the best most cost effective system for your product.

Anti-microbial activity Test – to show that the anti-microbial claims you make can be substantiated. You may want standard tests such as BS EN 1276 / BS EN 1040 or have claims such as ‘Kills 99.9% of bacteria’ which need supporting data. We can offer you advice on the most appropriate tests.

At MCS we first ensure that we completely understand your requirements before offering you the best, most cost effective verification of your products performance. You will find us to be a valuable resource of advice when you need it most.